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Solent Business Academy Ltd. Registered office: Office G8 Gatcombe House, Copnor Road, Portsmouth PO3 5EJ. Registered in England & Wales. Company registration no. 09587999.

I found a career I love!  I love my job! I wake up looking forward to going to work!

How often do you hear people say that? Not that often but when you do hear it you most likely want to know why.

At Solent Business Academy we care about people. We care about you. That’s why our mission is to help you discover a pathway that fits your passions, talents and interests that are unique to you. We care about your success and your happiness. We can help give you the future you dream about!

We have a superb array of career options, coaching choices and learning tools, as well as consultancy advice based on business realities for you to explore. So if you are feeling undervalued, underemployed, unfulfilled or underpaid. Call us. If you’re looking to improve your prospects and develop your skills alongside your work or studies. Call us.

Maybe you’re thinking about changing careers or have an amazing business idea you’re passionate to explore? If so, call us.

Let us help you identify some fabulous opportunities that might be passing you by.

"People are definitely a company's greatest asset. It doesn't make any difference whether the product is cars or cosmetics. A company is only as good as the people it keeps." - mary kay ash


From our comprehensive profiling and training needs analysis to our course delivery, we develop you through every step of your career.





Redundancy & Outplacement




Redundancy & Outplacement

Interested in apprenticeships? Looking to kick-start your career and gain qualifications whilst you earn? Perhaps you’re already in a job you love and want to obtain more skills and qualifications? If so, we highly recommend an apprenticeship as a route forward to develop and progress your career.

Solent Business Academy ensures that all our apprentices receive valuable placements in businesses that will help develop their skills and experience whilst completing a nationally recognized vocational qualification.

If you are already in industry, then talk to us and we will help you present an apprenticeship option to your employer as a cost-effective way to up-skill the company’s workforce.

All apprentices receive complimentary access to our e-learning system so they can complete commercial training alongside their apprenticeship and get ahead of the competition. Please visit our Apprenticeships page for more information.


Our E-learning portal has over a thousand tutorials and hundreds of certificated courses in subjects such as Microsoft Office suites, Customer Service Management and Health & Safety.  With different access levels and bespoke packages we can help you increase your skill set and develop your career with no disruption to studies or work – at a pace that suits you.

Please contact us to find out more about this convenient, flexible, cost-effective method of learning new skills.

With complimentary recruitment resources on CV writing and interview skills, Solent Business Academy can help you develop yourself as a top candidate and ensure that you stand out in the recruitment process.

Collaborations with renowned recruitment companies such as CV Wow and Stafford Rhodes, gives us access to an extensive database of positions. We ensure that your application reaches a large range businesses suitable to your skills and experience.

With bespoke recruitment support services on offer at a low cost to individuals, contact us today to find out more.

AAT is a fantastic vocational option to gain a qualification in accountancy. You can train online or through distant learning to get the practical skills, knowledge and qualifications needed to give you a fulfilling and challenging opportunity in the world of finance. Use these qualifications to springboard into chartered accountancy and escalate up that career and payroll ladder. 

Training can take place online or through distant learning with courses that cover short qualifications in manual bookkeeping through to full accountancy qualifications.  We also offer courses in specialist areas such as Taxation and ethics. 

“AAT is a leading qualification and professional body for vocational accountants.”

Recently been made redundant? Are you at risk or under consultation? Are your first thoughts “Will I get another job?” Whatever position you’re in we are here to help.

Our bespoke Outplacement and Redundancy packages are designed to move you back into work as quickly as possible and to help you secure a career you love. We have a raft of resources, assessment techniques, opportunities and ideas to help you get back on track to help you find that perfect career that suits just you.  

Solent Business Academy has been providing redundancy and outplacement packages for over 15 years.  Our industry experience means that we know what businesses are looking for and our extensive training database and knowledge of recruitment processes allows us to support you back into work providing relevant training and knowledge to boost your current skill set.  We will create a bespoke package for you based on your needs and budget and provide measurable support services to help get you back into work quickly and effectively. With a 90% success rate and extensive industry contacts we will help to ensure your new career is one you enjoy and grow with.

Let us work with you today to find your future career.